Handy English is simply my creative outlet.
It's a place for storing my ideas, lesson plans, and thoughts as well as sharing my passion for the mesmerising world with others. It is a project that helps me develop as an ESL teacher while keeping my drive for knowledge alive. 
Handy English it's also a way to promote a more educational side of the Internet hoping to change the view of education as something that is useless and dull.
ESL materials for busy teachers
ESL materials for busy teachers
There are many series I wish to develop in the near future. 
Handy Flashcards -> surprise your students with a handy word or phrase and start a discussion right off the bat!
Handy Conversations -> break your students' language barrier while discussing fascinating subjects and subconsciously learning new vocabulary!
Handy Videos -> improve your students' listening comprehension while learning with them about the world and beyond!
Handy Situations -> prepare your students for real life!
Handy Vocab -> improve your students' vocabulary skills with these vocabulary sets
All lesson plans, no matter the topic or level, are designed to spark creativity and foster critical thinking. Most of them also include EXAM tasks used in Cambridge First (FCE), Cambridge Advanced (CAE), TOEIC, IELTS, Cambridge Vantage, and Cambridge Higher.
ESL materials for busy teachers
ESL materials for busy teachers