Handy Conversations: Winter Travelling

This lesson plan combines English Language Arts, ESL, ELL, Travelling, Winter Holidays, Health, Travelling idioms, Role-Plays, Tips, vocabulary, conversations, speaking, projects, and research in one lesson.


This lesson plan combines English Language Arts, ESL, ELL, Christmas activities, Cooking, Food, Winter Foods, Cultural Exchange, Winter vocabulary, Food vocabulary, debates, conversations, vocabulary, speaking, projects, and research in one lesson.

It's great for Winter and Winter Break-themed classes, especially for older teenagers and adults. This lesson plan can be used for exam preparations lessons, such as FCE, CAE, IELTS, TOIEC, etc

WINTER TRAVELLING ESL ELL lesson plan idioms, speaking, vocabulary

What is it?

  • a no-prep lesson plan for teenagers and adults

  • real-life content

  • ESL levels: B1/B2+ - teenagers and adults

  • Speaking and Vocabulary

  • PDF and PowerPoint

What's included?

  • a fully designed lesson for at least 60 minutes that requires no preparation - 3 pages full of various activities

  • 2 versions of the lesson plan - one for your students and one for you (with answers!)

  • a fully animated PowerPoint presentation (same content) with answers provided - only the key is editable!

  • in both A4 and US letter formats


  • Warm-up: photos

  • Match: winter destinations

  • Discuss: discuss the questions

  • Trivia: fill in the gaps

  • Vocabulary: match the words to their definitions

  • Decide: winter travelling problems

  • Tips: for winter travelling

  • Vocabulary+ Idioms: match the idioms to their definition; match the two halves

  • Project: research a winter destination


  • to improve communication by discussing various topics related to winter, travelling, winter activities, winter vocabulary and idioms

  • to share our opinions and experiences

  • to learn new vocabulary

  • to discover new cultures and ideas from around the world